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Rhyas Generators

There are 3 models of generators in the Rhyas range which all have different uses and power outputs; the RH850 850w being the most compact generator which is suitable for use when camping, because of its small size it can be put in the back of the car when the space is needed for all your camping gear. It can also be used in caravans or Motorhomes to power the electrics that you have inside. The RH1500 1500w is the middle powered generator and is suitable for a whole host of needs, the RH2700ES 2700w electric start is the top of the range model which is great with its easy key electric start system makes it very easy to use, we also have a standard pull cord version of this generator RH2700. All of the generators in the Rhyas range have been developed to exceed the latest EU noise directives and are factory bench tested.

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